Danby Shipping and Return Policy

Standard Product Return Period: Danby agrees to accept all “Product Returns” within the “Standard Product Return Period” defined as:

  • Seven (7) days for damaged product after date of delivery (package damage).
  • Seven (7) days for ordering the incorrect model and requires a replacement.
  • Thirty (30) days for customer remorse after the date of delivery.
  • Thirty (30) days if the wrong product was shipped from Danby.
  • Sixty (60) days for concealed damage or defective product.

Non-Standard Product Return Period: If a product is damaged or defective after sixty (60) days of purchase or delivery, whichever is later, the product will be handled based on its warranty.  Danby will not accept consumer product returns for customer remorse thirty (30) days after purchase or delivery, whichever is later. Danby will not be responsible for any fees related to Product Returns after the Standard Product Return Period.

Return Shipping: The consumer is responsible for all “Product Return Shipping” carrier fees, except if the unit is defective, or if the wrong product is shipped. Danby will cover the return shipping costs directly within a 7 day window when the consumer product was delivered broken, damaged or Danby shipped the wrong product.

The consumer will be responsible for all “Product Return Shipping” carrier fees relating to damage through transportation, buyer’s remorse or if the consumer ordered the incorrect model and require a replacement. A 25% restocking fee will apply.

To arrange return shipping, please call 707-327-0100