Cavavin Shipping & Return Policy

Orders: All orders are subject to Pacific Specialty Brands Co. acceptance and are not binding until are ac cepted subject to accidents, fires, delays in manufacturing or transportation of material, or any other causes  beyond control of the manufacturer and/or distributor. 

Freight: Orders under $1500 will be shipped collect. To qualify for the 3 - 6 piece rate, the order must be over  $1500. 1 - 2 pieces freight collect; 3 - 6 pieces 3% of invoice value; 7 - 11 pieces 2% of invoice value; 12+ piec es at no charge. 

Shipments: All shipments are made FOB Pacific Specialty Brands Co. Title passes to the consignee and the  distributors responsibility ceases with delivery of goods to the transportation company after obtaining “good  order” receipt from the carrier. In case of freight damage, DO NOT REFUSE SHIPMENT. Call agent’s atten tion to condition, making careful note of details on freight bill before charges are paid or before prepaid freight  shipments are accepted. Because title to the goods passes to the owner once it is in the dealers warehouse,  please follow the following procedures. If concealed damage is discovered within 15 days of receipt of product,  contact your freight company. At that time, notify freight company that you intend to file a claim. If product was  picked up by dealer at Pacific Specialty Brands warehouse and signed clear, responsibility for damage should  be discussed with one of the contacts listed below or Pacific Specialty Brands Sales Representative. 

For concealed damage discovered after 15 days, please contact the Pacific Specialty Brands Service Manag er directly. A contact list is below. Please be advised that concealed damage claims will be denied if proof of  damage is not provided. In all cases, pictures of the packaging and actual damage is required to begin the con cealed damage claim. Product may require inspection as well before return or scrap authorization. All claims  for damage and/or loss in transit should be filed by consignee with freight agent. 



Returns: Prior authorization must be received to return merchandise. All authorized returns must be shipped  freight prepaid and absorbed by the dealer and are subject to a minimum 20% restocking charge or usage  charge, whichever is greater. Returns must be received within thirty (30) days from authorized date. Customer  or special order items are non-returnable. 


Questions / Support: Eric Horvat

Phone: 1-707-327-0100